Structural profiles

Case stories - Structural Profiles

Advantages such as high strength, low weight and corrosion resistance make our profiles suitable for the smaller foot and cycle bridge as well the large highway bridge. 

A durable and corrosion resistant composite material makes our planks suitable for aggressive environments e.g. wastewater treatment.

Fiberline GRP gratings are corrosion resistant and lightweight which make them suitable for a number of purposes e.g. off shore, railways and chemical industries. 

Fiberline concept for stairs comprises profiles from foot rail to hand rail in GRP, a complete, lightweight solution that is easy to install.

Fiberline profiles are characterized by high strength, low weight, corrosion resistance, easy assembly, long service life and minimal maintenance.

Fiberline GRP gratings and profiles are lightweight and strong, and cannot be corroded by salt, water or chemicals. This makes them ideal for use in offshore industries.

Due to the unique advantages and high quality our profiles are suitable for a number of different purposes, e.g.g swimming baths, restore of buildings, and metal-free buildings.