Gratings and profiles for offshore oil rigs

Gratings and profiles for offshore oil rigs

Fiberline gratings and profiles in glass fibre reinforced plastics are lightweight and strong, and cannot be corroded by salt, water or chemicals. This makes them ideal for use in offshore industries.

The aggressive environment on offshore installations requires materials that are resistant to water, salt and chemicals.

Fiberline gratings and profiles are made of glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) – also known as fibreglass. The company is Europe's leading manufacturer of advanced GRP profiles which among other things are used for ladders, stairs, railings and connecting bridges in the offshore industries.

Long life - minimal maintenance

GRPs are resistant to weather and chemicals, which results in very long service life and minimum requirements to maintenance. Gratings and profiles can be machined and adjusted on site with ordinary tools, and, due to their low weight, can be assembled and mounted without using lifting equipment. Replacing worn or corroded steel structures with similiar structures in GRPs also results in significant weight reductions.

Fiberline also manufactures gratings and profiles in phenols for uses involving stringent demands to fire safety and smoke retardation.

Mounted from above

Fiberline has developed special offshore fittings for mounting gratings on existing structures. The fittings make it easy to assemble the new gratings and mount them from above.