Good quality starts with staff who are dedicated to providing first-class service. Targeted recruitment and ongoing training ensure that staff at Fiberline are both willing and able to maintain high standards of quality in their work.

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Fiberline’s Quality Management System is certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001 and anchored in the company’s core values.

Quality Fiberline Composites

The Quality Management System must clearly document the coordination between the company’s processes. Close collaboration and good communication between customers, suppliers and staff must ensure that Fiberline always proposes and supplies the optimum solution to the customer needs.

We are committed to delivering on time and on spec. Delivery and quality performance must meet stipulated targets.

Potential quality shortcomings will be anticipated and obviated by detailed planning of new projects and ongoing monitoring and analysis of data. We will work systematically by collecting feedback and utilizing and learning from experience gained.

The Quality Management System will be continuously improved to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction and value creation. We will establish and pursue concrete and challenging improvement targets in all functions and at all organizational levels.

The Quality Management System will incorporate sound business principles and be continuously streamlined and simplified both technically and administratively. Fiberline’s customers must experience high quality and professionalism in all contacts with the company and in all use of company products.

Test programme

Fiberline continuously logs and archives all process data electronically and performs Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Testing is performed in conjunction with:

Fine development

Continuous testing is carried out during fine development of processes and products. Ongoing optimization is based on Six Sigma methodology.

Pilot production series

Pilot production series undergo a comprehensive testing programme in close collaboration with the customer before new products are released.

Each profile length is measured and tested and ongoing evaluation is performed internally and in partnership with the customer. All run parameters, intervals, special dimensioning fixtures and control instructions are evaluated.

FAI inspection is performed prior to release for production.

Quality Fiberline Composites

In production

Continuing inspection is performed prior to all production.

This inspection comprises:

  • Monitoring of process parameters
  • Incoming inspection of raw materials (matrix, fibres and mats)
  • Strength properties
  • Colour
  • Surface
  • Tighter internal tolerances that take into account dimensional uncertainty
  • Construction profiles are inspected according to EN 13706

ISO 9001

Fiberline uses its ISO certification as an active tool in the company’s strategic management. Our primary objective is to create value for the customer and thus also for ourselves.

We achieve this through efficient procedures and streamlined administration based on insight into customer requirements.