Structural profiles

Fiberline manufactures GRP structural profiles for a wide number of purposes. With advantages such as high strength, lightweight and excellent durability our profiles provide a sophisticated alternative to concrete, steel, aluminium and wood. With our unique production technology and detailed documentation, the profiles are always of high quality.

GRP profiles and brackets combine a number of unique advantages such as high strength, low weight and corrosions resistance, which provide a sophisticated, cost-efficient alternative to concrete, steel, aluminium and wood. 

Combing advantages such as high strength and low weight Fiberline’s range of decking components can profitably be used for a number of purposes, such as pedestrian and road bridges, walkways and covers for wastewater treatment plants. 

Durable and corrosion resistant GRP gratings are suitable for aggressive environments such as offshore and chemical industries. The lightweight materiale is easy to customize on site e.g. to pipe entries.

GRP ribbed reinforcing bar for concrete provide unsurpassed properties such as corrosion resistance, high durability and electrical insolation, which meet the demands of most complex construction projects. 

Composite offers a more cost-efficient alternative to conventional materials due to e.g. its strength, light weight, and corrosion resistance. 

Case Stories

Find out how we have helped others with structural profiles for bridges, wastewater treatment plants, cooling towers, chemical industry, offshore platforms.

Follow our directions and recommendations for machining pultruded GRP profiles.

Find more information about our profiles e.g. CAD drawings, folders, data sheets, how to videos and much more. 

Learn more about our pultrusion process and how our profiles are made. 

Our experienced Sales Team is able to offer you technical information and professional advice on solutions.