Wind turbine structures

Wind turbine structures

Fiberline's pultruded GRP profiles are non-corrosive and combine high strength with low weight. In conjunction with wind turbines they are ideal for the following applications:


The strength, durability and weather-resistance of Fiberline profiles make them ideal for helihoist construction.


Nacelle floors

Fiberline Planks are used as floors for wind turbine nacelles.


Nacelle claddings

Fiberline planks are used as cladding for wind turbine nacelles.

Service platforms

Fiberline Planks are used for service platforms at wind turbine towers.


Air intakes and vents

Fiberline gratings are used for nacelle air intakes and vents and can also serve as walkways.


Fiberline gratings are used for workplatform in the splash zone at offshore wind turbines.

Cover for turbine towers

easy to handle, easy to transport and could be reused over and over