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Thermally insulating

Fiberline's fibreglass profiles have a significantly lower heat distribution gradient than steel and aluminium, enabling energy-efficient end products.


Minimise thermal bridges

The fibreglass profiles reduce the size of thermal bridges and enable the creation of energy-efficient joins between internal and external surfaces. This increases savings on energy bills for the completed construction, where these are relevant.

Slim and highly insulated solutions

Thanks to an impressive level of strength, the profiles are able to support heavy frame solutions, panes and balconies. Together with the material's unique thermal properties, it is possible to create slim and highly insulating solutions for the construction. A slim design allows more space for daylight, which has a positive effect on both energy savings and the indoor climate.

Increased comfort and sustainability

The outstanding insulating properties of our fibreglass enables you to achieve better U-values and to significantly increase comfort in buildings. The profiles are also made using a pultrusion process, which requires very little energy, thus resulting in an end construction that is sustainable in multiple ways.