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Joint development

Here at Fiberline, we work in collaboration with our customers to develop new products. Thanks to our many years' experience in the pultrusion of glass and carbon fibre profiles for the wind power sector, we are well positioned to advise our customers on both material choices and solution design. Our collaborative approach draws on both the customers’ knowledge about their specific solution and on our knowledge of the unique opportunities offered by pultruded glass and carbon fibre profiles and how they can best be exploited. 

APQP-certified processes

All of our profiles are specially developed for our customers within the wind power sector – both in relation to geometry and material properties. Taking inspiration from the automotive industry, which has some of the most stringent conditions for development work, all development here at Fiberline is undertaken in accordance with the APQP4WIND standard – Advanced Product Quality Planning. By following this process we can make sure to do things right and to develop the best possible composite solutions for our customers.