About Fiberline

About Fiberline

Fiberline is committed to being the preferred partner for key customers who require innovative solutions based on composite profiles. Learn more about us... 

Quality – Customer focus – Cost effectiveness.


About Fiberline pultrusion

Fiberline’s core values

We conduct our everyday activities on the basis of five core values: Foresight, Orderliness, Challenge, Unified collaboration, and Sound economy. These are popularly referred to as our FOCUS values.

The five core values constitute Fiberline’s guiding principles. They are instrumental in fostering team spirit and serve as a collective frame of reference.

The values express what is important and meaningful to the company, its employees, customers and other stakeholders. We strive continuously to maintain the right balance between competitiveness and consideration for our people, family life and the community.


About our logo

Our logo says a great deal about our work, and about our goals. It is a simple symbol that illustrates our production processes, yet also has a deeper meaning.

About Fiberline Logo

Our logo symbolizes our products - Fiberline composite profiles are created from two or more materials that together form a product with a unique combination of properties not found in traditional construction materials.

The logo also represents the achievement of an optimal product solution. A solution resulting from dialogue, communication and cooperation with customers, colleagues, suppliers and external partners worldwide.

It symbolizes our history - Fiberline is a family company based on a fusion of technical and non-technical skills.

And it symbolizes our mission
To realize innovation and increased value through knowledge, determination and ability.

About Fiberline’s history

From technology-driven pioneer to efficient, market-driven supplier

Fiberline Composites was founded in 1979 by Dorthe and Henrik Thorning. Operating out of rented premises in the Danish town of Kolding, the company commenced production with two staff. The first pultrusion line was started 1 May 1979 and this date has since been considered the company’s anniversary.

About Fiberline Founded Anniversary

In 1987, Fiberline assumed ownership of the Kolding premises, and during the 1990s the company expanded to create more space for offices.

In 1997, the existing production premises became too small and a manufacturing facility was set up in the town of Middelfart.

The company continued to grow steadily, necessitating additional space for both production and administration.

In 2007, Fiberline relocated to new industrial premises in Middelfart.