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If you've got the skills, we've got the team

A place for diversity

We are more than 250 committed employees - engineers, technicians, operators, sales personnel and many more - who are passionate about bringing our skills to the company. We believe that differences in personality and professional background stimulate learning, creativity and innovation at work. At Fiberline we all share the same vision; we are all individual specialists sharing a mutual fascination with the possibilities opened up by an exciting new material.

Enthusiasm and skill are key

- and even though you're a team player, you're welcome to be an individual.

Fiberline is an expansive work place where your professional skill and your commitment are essential for your fit with us. We value hard work, thoroughness and cooperation highly, and we trust you to take the necessary decisions in an often hectic environment. In return, as a member of our team, you are assured of strong support from all levels of our company. We are a midrange, family-owned firm accustomed to transacting business quickly and decisively. So if you thrive on changes and want to see progress, Fiberline is the place to be.

A strong start

When you start at Fiberline we make sure you are well prepared. Our intro and training course provides you with a detailed window onto our world and the interaction we have between our departments. This introduction is integral to an understanding of Fiberline and the mutual respect which exists between our many specialist groups.

You will also get…

When you join our team you become part of a company that provides great opportunities for professional and personal development. We also offer an attractive health scheme, an active staff association, an enticing canteen where our two chefs wait to tempt your taste buds, and a gym to keep your fitness up to scratch.

Students can also join the team

We have a tradition of working with schools and universities from all over the world, to the mutual benefit of both the students and Fiberline. When you gain job experience or for example write your thesis at Fiberline you gain an insight into our company and a chance to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. We take the time needed to make sure you are ready to tackle your stay with us. In return, we expect you to contribute with your insight and involvement.