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New Master's degree in plastics – are you the expert of the future?

Starting summer 2017 you can study for a Master's degree in plastics technology. You learn to design products, devise processes and develop new production methods – all aimed at finding solutions to the challenges of the future. And this is just the kind of expertise Fiberline will need more and more of going forward.

Plastics – the way forward

The reason for this is that Fiberline works with glass- and carbon fibre composites and thermosets. Due to their unique properties the use of these materials has gained ground in recent decades in a growing number of increasingly advanced contexts, such as large offshore wind turbines, low-energy windows, and innovative, high-strength structures.

Close interaction with plastics companies

While training for your Master's degree in plastics technology you will build close relations with companies in the form of work experience and projects based on real problems. One such company might be us. Read more about work experience with Fiberline.

With hands-on work experience you will find it easier to land your dream job when you have finished your degree. Studies show that, on average, new industry graduates enter employment more quickly as their training is geared to the relevant companies and their precise needs.

Want to solve the challenges of the future? Read more about the Master's degree course here.