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Students at Fiberline

Fiberline has a long tradition of working together with educational institutes and students. For the student, work experience, a collaborative project and possibly a related student job can provide concrete experience and good insight into Fiberline's line of work.

For Fiberline, working with students provides an opportunity to solve current challenges, obtain a new slant on existing problems, and inject new knowledge into our everyday activities. We take students in disciplines such as supply chain management, R&D, PTA and sales & marketing. You will meet committed people, all of whom are able to contribute a wealth of practical experience to your theoretical background.

Work experience and projects

Fiberline can offer work experience for students taking Bachelor's and Master's degrees at institutes of higher education. You will participate in the department's day-to-day task performance, but you will also have an opportunity to undertake a specific, defined project based on our area of activity. It is important for us that the project is mutually beneficial. Our work experience positions are essentially unpaid, but projects are often remunerated on conclusion. You also have the possibility of doing both a semester project or specialty project. Usually there is a connection between a work experience position and the project writing itself.

How to apply

Send us an unsolicited application briefly describing which type of collaboration you are interested in, and what you can bring to Fiberline. Read more on how to make your application here.