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Your journey starts at the heart of our business

Our production is the heart of our business. We are namely a world-leading supplier of glass and carbon fibre profiles - the products that formed the basis for the Fiberline we know today. Production is therefore also the natural place for new employees to start their journey with Fiberline.

The idea is that regardless of whether you will be developing our products, selling them, hiring people to make them or taking payment for them, you must know how they are made. We believe this makes us better at doing our individual everyday jobs and ties the company more closely together. In addition, it provides a good platform for getting to know new colleagues across the company.

Where we come from and where we are going

But we also want you to know our background - where we come from and where we're going. An introduction day is therefore held for all new employees during which they are welcomed by one of our founders, Henrik Thorning, and taken on a journey with Fiberline from past to present. On the way we tell you about the idea behind Fiberline, the company's first profile, and the challenges we have overcome. After this you receive an insight into our values, culture, business areas, development process and strategy – in short, how we work at Fiberline, what's important to us and where we're going. This introduction ensures that all our people share a common platform for guiding our company in the same direction.