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Energy policy for Fiberline Composites

Fiberline's business model is based upon supplying structural materials for the energy-efficient society. A central part of our operating philosophy at all times is to create more with less. This approach to industrial manufacture and the role of our products in future society has resulted in the following guidelines for Fiberline's energy management:

  • We as a minimum comply with the legislation and agreed supplementary requirements concerning energy consumption and energy management in the countries in which we operate.
  • We strive to be best in class within our sector.
  • We sell the customer a product that helps him reduce his own energy consumption in relation to traditional structural materials or which helps to create good and efficient alternative energy
  • We strive year on year to reduce our own energy consumption per unit of output. Specific targets for this are defined annually
  • We strive to ensure that our partners in the supply chain are also energy-efficient
    We ensure through energy-oriented planning of new acquisitions and systematic maintenance activities that the energy efficiency of our production equipment is optimised

Every year, Fiberline's Management plans activities to reduce energy consumption etc. and reviews the previous year's activities with view to further improvement. The Management makes information available and provides necessary resources to realise the defined objectives and targets.