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Quality assurance for Fiberline structural profiles – step by step

Here you have an overview of how we manage quality in connection with our structural profiles and how we ensure full traceability and a constantly high level of quality for all of the profiles that leave our production process.


Receipt of orders and management of supply agreements and technical-specification requirements from the customer, in close collaboration with
the rest of the organisation.

Supply chain

Ordering of raw materials and arranging the optimal production process.

Production management

Pultrusion setup using IFIX parameter management, and work instructions in the form of SOPs and verification instructions, ensure a continuous process flow and stable, uniform quality.

Raw materials

All of the raw materials involved in the production of profiles are checked by our subcontractors, and these checks are documented in the form of a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Our suppliers are chosen carefully in order to perform this quality assessment, so quality and traceability are ensured before the raw materials even reach our production process.


We have to document all of the process parameters in order to be able to CE-mark our products. In addition to this, we carry out surface checks on all of our products, we use a mil gauge to measure paint thickness, and we have ISO-certified anti-slip surfaces.


All products that leave our production process have a production order number, date, pallet ID and CE marking printed on them to ensure full traceability of both the process parameters and the raw materials.


Cross-section measurements are taken to ensure that the geometry adheres to the tolerances in the specification. We also test the rigidity (elastic modulus), degree of hardening (DSC test), creep and strength (glass percentage).


Clear packing instructions and output QC checks ensure that the products have the best chance of going all the way to the customer without being damaged.