Appplication Tips

Appplication Tips

We receive many applications every day and are happy to do so.

If you are considering submitting an application we would like to help you so that you know what we expect.

Focus your application
It is important to us that your application is clearly focused. Before submitting it you should therefore research what kind of work place Fiberline is. This will give you an insight into our culture and core values. You will then be much better equipped to show us what you can bring to Fiberline as a new employee.

Specify your reasons for applying
Your application should state why you are applying for the job, what excites you about it, why you are the right person for it and what you can bring to the job and Fiberline. It is obviously also important to state how your experience and your professional and personal competences meet our requirements to the job. When writing your application, make sure that you highlight the most important information. By all means let your personality shine through so that we clearly see who you are as a person, and what is important to you regarding work and your personal life.

Short and concise
As a general rule your application should not be longer than one page as it needs to be simple and straightforward. Keep it short and concise, and make sure you check for spelling errors. If necessary, ask someone else to read it through first.

Your CV
Make sure your CV contains all necessary information, including the date of previous employment in chronological order – starting with your most recent jobs or qualifications. You should also include a brief description of principal areas of responsibility in your previous employment.

Always accompany your applications with your CV, exam diplomas and relevant references, preferably also including a photo.