A great promotional opportunity for Fiberline in Ottawa - AGF’s Customer Appreciation Event

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A great promotional opportunity for Fiberline in Ottawa - AGF’s Customer Appreciation Event

Dritan Topuzi

On March 31, AGF-Raymond Rebar Inc. hosted a customer appreciation event at K&S on the Keys in Ottawa, ON, where about 25 companies from the construction industry were invited (Fig. 1). AGF-Raymond’s general manager, Christian Witt, said the evening was intended to “thank our valuable customers for their loyalty, their support and to celebrate a great year of prestigious projects in our region.”

Fiberline has successfully collaborated with AGF-Raymond in a number of bridge projects reinforced with ComBAR GFRP, as well as the Ottawa Light Rail Transit Project (Fig. 2).

The event included a professional educational component and Fiberline was given the opportunity to present the benefits of ComBAR GFRP reinforcement as an alternative to steel rebar.

Fig. 1 – Networking

Fig. 2 – OLRT Project

The presentation was focused on the main benefits provided by GFRP reinforcement, like: corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal non-conductivity, magnetic transparency, etc. The full-scale crash test of a PL3 Barrier Wall was also presented, which enabled MTO (the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario) to approve the use of GFRP for the reinforcement of such walls. Compared to stainless steel, the GFRP reinforcement of a PL3 Barrier Wall would cost about 50% and weigh much less (Fig. 3). The video of the crash test may be seen on YouTube at: https://goo.gl/MCII0C.

Fig. 3 – GFRP vs. Stainless Steel Rebar / Cost and Weight Comparison

This event was an important opportunity for Fiberline to connect directly with AGF-Raymond’s clients; to provide them more information and a better understanding of GFRP products, which are now being specified more frequently. And most importantly, an opportunity to hear about their needs and possible concerns, to better our services according to industry’s expectations.

The event was also reported by Ottawa Construction News; an article which may be read at: http://goo.gl/LSqLIJ

An enjoyable evening and a great promotional opportunity - an event couldn’t get any better :).
Thank you AGF-Raymond and looking forward to other successful collaborations!