Case stories

Glass facades

Read more about interesting projects involving use of Fiberline composite profiles in various facade solutions

Hospital to get facelift and energy makeover with giant facade elements

Dominating the skyline at Vendsyssel Hospital, "Building 40" was opened in 1989 and is one of the hospital's more recent buildings.

The Eyecatcher Building

The Eyecatcher - the tallest ever residential/office building with a load-bearing GRP construction was the landmark of the Swissbau 99.

Facade technology of the future at the home of Fiberline

The glass towers at Fiberline's domicile demonstrate a new facade system that combine the advantages of glass and composites. The result is large expanses of glass with almost invisible joints.

Facade profiles for modern facade producers

The new facade system achieves an airy, delicate expression, with a view unbroken by heavy frames or columns. The system has been awarded a prestigious German prize for architecture.

Innovative facade technology using glass and composite

The demo building SPIRIT at Swissbau 2007 in Basel features a 9-metre high facade consisting of composite profiles and large expanses of glass