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Profiles for glass facades

Fiberline develops and produces fibreglass composite profiles for the most advanced glass facades on the market, including structural glazing. As the Fiberline fibreglass composites primarily consist of continuous longitudinal fibres, an optimum basis is created for structural glazing between the fibres and the pane glass. A homogenous coefficient of expansion and a unique, documented adhesion to the surface of the fibreglass composite make structural glazing a strong, elegant, and energy-efficient facade solution.

Slender, elegant structures

With the high strength of the material – including deflection strength – you can create facades with Fiberline profiles that provide for a very slender and minimalist expression. The deflection strength allows elements with large spans and large glass sections which, with the aid of the sun, contribute positively to the total energy balance.

Sustainability and comfort

The excellent insulating properties of the fibreglass composite give the glass facades even better U-values and increase comfort considerably inside the buildings. On top of that, the profiles are manufactured in a process that requires very little energy, paving the way for an end product which is sustainable in more than one sense.