Geared to the needs of the wind power industry

Geared to the needs of the wind power industry

Design freedom

Fiberline’s manufacturing process gives the designer considerable creative freedom, and working closely with the customer we are able to produce tailored solutions to specific requirements.

Research and development

Fiberline’s R&D department keeps track of latest advances in composites, their application and properties. Working with customers, suppliers and research institutions around the world means that as well as supplying products and product processing we can also offer a ‘knowledge partnership’ that includes consultancy and development.


Sophisticated manufacturing

Fiberline’s 23,000 m2 production factory is based on pultrusion, a sophisticated manufacturing process that also ensures safe and healthy working conditions and minimal environmental impact.


Flexible production and reliable delivery
After manufacture, the profiles are packed and stored in our own high-level store. Fiberline’s production capacity is highly flexible, which means that customers can be confident of on-time delivery.

Efficient project management
Fiberline’s staff of designers and product engineers can take a project from concept to completion. Delivery can be geared to the customer’s needs.

Machining and assembly
Fiberline profiles can be supplied individually and either machined or unmachined, as required. Our machining department also performs cutting, drilling and CNC milling as well as coating and other surface treatment. Profiles can be glued or bolted together using our patented fittings. Site modifications can be performed quickly and easy using normal power tools.