Gluing of composite and glass

Gluing of composite and glass

The combination of composite and glass is well qualified for window and facade constructions.

Glue Gluing Glass

Abstract of a scientific article regarding glue technology:
Thermal bridges are avoided due to the low thermal conductivity of composites, and the similar temperature increase of these two materials allows a strong connection with each other as well. The gluing technique makes the construction process simple, only attending to few details.

The author:
Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Peters is a former scientific associate at the institute for load-bearing constructions and constructive projecting at the university of Stuttgart (Institut für Tragwerkskonstruktionen und Konstruktives Entwerfen / ITKE). Mr. Peters now runs his own engineering office in collaboration with the Englishman dr. Stephan Engelsmann. The research and product development of facades and windows of GRP was carried out under the leadership of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Knippers.

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The ITKE at the university of Stuttgart has already designed several models for the demonstration of this material mix.

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