Lifting equipment – a lightweight solution that ensures easy assembly

Lifting equipment – a lightweight solution that ensures easy assembly

Eltronics - Fiberline Composites

Our fibreglass profiles have an unparalleled weight-to-strength ratio, so they are particularly well-suited to offshore lifting equipment resulting in great savings in terms of weight. This could be, for example, on a lifting yoke for assembling wind-turbine components, with a smaller, faster crane mountiuung the blades. This means that you can reduce the assembly time offshore and save both time and money without compromising safety. 


Long life in harsh conditions
Our fibreglass structural profiles have a long life, because the material used to make them is exceptionally resistant to the effects of weather and corrosive conditions such as salt water. Our fibreglass profiles therefore do not rust or corrode in the same way as steel does, so they only need minimal maintenance throughout the lifetime of the structure. You are therefore guaranteed a functional offshore structure for many years, where safety is always paramount for your service technicians.

Safe design
The handrail profile has also been ergonomically designed, without any sharp edges or joints, and the moulded gratings have a non-slip surface so that walkways do not become slippery under the harsh conditions offshore. 

Certified quality
Our structural profiles and gratings meet the requirements for a number of international quality certifications, which is your guarantee of consistently high quality every time you do business with us and use our products. You can therefore send your technicians out to the wind turbines with confidence, year after year.