New long-life cover for turbine towers

New long-life cover for turbine towers

A new composite cover from Fiberline protects turbine towers and foundations during installation

The Fiberline Composites is launching a new longer-life cover for wind turbine towers. Made of composite, the cover provides effective protection for the tower section and foundation until the
nacelle is mounted. The cover can be stowed in a container and reused from project to project.

“The new product was developed in close collaboration with turbine manufacturers. They wanted a cover that was easy to handle, easy to transport and could be reused over and over,” says Kim Lindhardt, Technical Solution Manager, Fiberline Composites.


Existing solutions use either steel or tarping, but the specification from the industry was for a longer-life system that was easier to install and easier logistically.

“We have developed a universal solution that can be used with all turbine towers, whatever the make. The cover is completely watertight and can also withstand rugged treatment, thereby
effectively shielding the tower and its internals,” says Kim Lindhardt.

Already used on turbines

With its light weight, high strength and resistance to harsh weather conditions, composite is already used extensively on wind turbines.

“Fiberline’s new cover can be mounted with the turbine lying down. This saves expensive on-site crane costs. No special tools are needed as the cover is fitted with a quick-lock system that does
not become damaged during installation,” says Kim Lindhardt.

Fiberline Composites also supplies a similar product that can be used as a permanent tower platform.