“Because it never rusts …”

“Because it never rusts …”

One of Germany's most innovative bridge builders has added fibreglass to its range, which previously only consisted of aluminium solutions.

Glück GmbH is synonymous with innovative bridge building executed with a high level of expertise and quality craftsmanship. Since the establishment of the company in 2002 the founder and managing director Werner Glück and his now 20-strong staff have erected more than 360 foot- and road bridges with a combined length of more than 6 km, as well as a large number of platforms.

Having worked with aluminium for many years Glück has now entered into a strategic collaboration with Fiberline concerning sale of solutions made of GRP composite.

Werner Glück describes the background to the partnership:
"Our customers want sustainable solutions and in this respect GRP composite is in a class by itself. It is lightweight, strong, can withstand all types of weather, and customers have no need to worry about maintenance – because it never rusts. This gives the customer an ideal bridge solution that lasts for a great many years with no maintenance costs."

For Fiberline the partnership with Glück is an important step on the way to obtaining a broader recognition of the many unique qualities possessed by GRP composite.

Fiberline's Technical Solution Manager, Christian Scholze says:
"Since Fiberline's profile programme last year became the first to receive the highly coveted Allgemeine Bauzulassung from Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik we have noted sharply rising interest in our profiles and planks. And with the agreement with Glück, whom we consider one of the market's most innovative bridge builders, the way is clear for even more bridges of GRP composite, which unlike rival materials, does not rust, rot or crumble."

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