ComBAR® concrete reinforcement beats 36 tonne truck

ComBAR® concrete reinforcement beats 36 tonne truck

Concrete specialists have long known that Schöck ComBAR® concrete reinforcement made by Fiberline is an excellent alternative to steel and other reinforcing materials. Now its properties have been documented in a dramatic crash test.

In the United States and Canada, GRP profiles are often used as concrete reinforcement in crash barriers to avoid the corrosion problems that arise from the use of steel. But poor performance with rival GRP products, in which the reinforcement proved inadequate, prompted Schöck to put Fiberline’s GRP to the ultimate test.

Schöck teamed up with the Texas Transportation Institute to run a 36 tonne truck into a ComBAR®-reinforced concrete wall at 80 km/h. Part of Texas A&M University,Texas Transportation Institute is one of the world’s most respected and experienced crash test bodies.

The test results underlined ComBAR®’s status as the perfect concrete reinforcing material for avoiding corrosion problems without compromising on strength. The alternatives, such as stainless steel and epoxy-coated bars, are either far more expensive or weaker than fibreglass.

ComBAR® - the multi-purpose solution
Schöck ComBAR® from Fiberline is therefore not only ideal for use in highly corrosive environments but, as documented by the recent crash test, also possesses unrivalled strength. ComBAR® can be used for many other purposes too. Fiberline R&D engineer Anders Korsgaard explains:

“ComBAR® has many other qualities that make it relevant in structural applications requiring electrical insulation, thermal insulation or electromagnetic transparency. For instance, ComBAR® has been used as wall reinforcement in hospitals housing MR scanners. None of these requirements can be met by conventional materials like steel.”

Schöck and Fiberline’s working partnership goes back a long way, and ComBAR®’s impressive qualities have been documented in numerous tests over the years, including those which resulted in the granting of National Technical Approval by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). The recent test in the United States therefore simply reaffirmed the credentials of fibreglass as the material of the future.

Read more about ComBAR® on the Schöck website.  


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