The engineer's next app

The engineer's next app

With Fiberline's free new iPhone app you can easily calculate the load-bearing capacity of structural profiles for yourself and view case stories from all over Europe featuring Fiberline profiles.

The new app is an exciting and easy-to-use tool containing a simplified version of Fiberline's familiar website-based calculation software and can perform deflection calculations for a host of structural profiles made of FRP composite.

This means you can now do calculations for FRP building materials directly on the phone.

Besides the calculator, the app also contains descriptions of Fiberline's profiles. The dimensions and properties of each profile are defined so they can be studied more closely. Seen here is an U-Profile with the dimensions: "120x36x6x6 mm"

The app also gives access to text and graphics from case stories from all over Europe featuring Fiberline's FRP composites. You can go to the case stories using iPhone's integral GPS.

Product Manager Morten Gantriis Sørensen explains: "The benefits are obvious. Fiberline's new app is easy to understand, easy to use and inspirational. Its purpose is naturally to expand knowledge of FRP and its properties. We believe that both current and future generations of engineers and structural designers will find the app a fascinating tool and discover new potentials in FRP composite."

You can download the app direct from your iPhone by searching on "Fiberline"
or find it on iTunes HERE

Learn more about the new Fiberline app HERE