Fiberline connects with the Austrian market

Fiberline connects with the Austrian market

Duscheck & Duscheck, Fiberline's new Austrian distributor, are now set to supply the country and its 8.5 million population with lightweight bridges made of no-maintenance composite.

Having previously concentrated on bridges made of steel, timber and concrete, Duscheck & Duscheck are now expanding their portfolio to include a lightweight, strong and durable alternative in the form of bridges designed and built using composite profiles from Fiberline.

The Austrian company, which has more than 15 years' experience of building bridges across the country, expects to offer both complete composite solutions as well as hybrid solutions consisting of steel and composite. With its low weight, composite is also a logical choice for renovating existing bridges. And when you replace for example an ageing, wooden bridge deck with a deck made of composite, you get a very effective anti-slip surface.

Company head Johannes Duscheck also points to the additional advantages of composite:
"Composite is an energy-efficient material with high strength and long life. And the ability to prefabricate large constructions in our factory will mean added benefits for customers in the form of short installation time and minimal disruption to traffic."

For additional information about Duscheck & Duscheck, please consult the company's own website.

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