Fiberline Rocks Roskilde!

Fiberline Rocks Roskilde!

A brand new application for the composite profiles by Fiberline was revealed at the biggest culture and music festival in Northern Europe recently held in Roskilde for the 42nd time.

Roskilde Festival is synonymous with rock music, cheerful festival guests from all over the world and a constant flow of beer. This year was no exception and in the new Sonic Zone, arranged by the School of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, people relaxed, sheltered by an innovative espalier screening off the zone from the rest of the festival site. The espalier is built from the light and strong fibreglass composite profiles by Fiberline and this is an excellent example of the versatility, flexibility and aesthetic potential of the material.

Research Lecturer at the School of Architecture, Paul Nicholas, explains about the special installation: ”We wanted to create an oasis on the big festival site where people could relax under the profiles. The lightness of the composite combined with its strength and the capacity to bend enabled us to make an installation which was big while still seeming light and aesthetically pleasing.

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Foto: Andreas Houmann

Facts about Roskilde Festival 2012
With 32,000 volunteers, 3,000 media people and 3,000 artists, the number of people at the festival may potentially reach well over 130,000, breaking last year's record. This makes Roskilde Festival the world's largest temporary city. Roskilde Festival is a non-profit organisation and every year the profits of the festival go in full to humanitarian purposes.

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