“Not more difficult – just faster”

“Not more difficult – just faster”

Work on "The Blue Planet", Denmark's giant new national aquarium, has provided the Danish company Aquagain with valuable experience in the use of fiberglass-reinforced composite as a building material.

The Blue Planet project was the first time Aquagain of Denmark had ever worked with composites. Aquagain, which primarily specializes in contracts involving waste water treatment plants and waterworks is used to working with metals, but according to installation engineer Bjørn Ravn Meden the switch to lightweight fibreglass composite was not difficult:

"I was involved in the production process at our factory and also in the installation work on The Blue Planet. As a trained blacksmith used to working with metals, working with composite was new to me, but it was not more difficult – just different and faster."

Bjørn Ravn Meden

Aquagain's work on The Blue Planet involved erecting stairs, handrails and walkways of composite for both wet and dry areas. Part of the contract also called for installing diving platforms capable of resisting corrosion in rugged environmental conditions.

"Constantly challenged by corrosion"
According to Aquagain's factory manager Poul Madsen the collaboration which has taken place on The Blue Planet will encourage more projects involving fiberglass-reinforced composite;

"In our work we are constantly challenged by corrosion in highly aggressive aquatic environments – environments where FRP composite has distinct advantages. This small project is the first of its kind for us and has been highly instructive for everyone at Aquagain. Our collaboration with Fiberline Composites and the advice we have received have been extremely positive and successful."

 Poul Madsen

Poul Madsen adds that it is not only FRP composite's durability which makes it a strong alternative to conventional materials:

"Besides its corrosion-resistance properties which create value for the customer we also see fewer internal logistical overheads as FRP composite can be machined on site. Combined with the rapid installation enabled by the composite's light weight, these are major pluses".

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The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet

"The Blue Planet" is the name of Denmark's new national aquarium which is expected to become one of the country's leading tourist attractions. Comprising more than 9,000 square metres and an outdoor area of 2,000 square metres plus car parking near Copenhagen International Airport, The Blue Planet is expected to open in 2013.

For more details see www.denblaaplanet.dk (Danish)