World premiere in Germany

World premiere in Germany

First cooling tower with AbZ-approved fibreglass profiles
On the outskirts of Cottbus, Germany, work has just finished on construction of the world's first cooling tower made of fibreglass profiles carrying the prestigious AbZ seal of approval from Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik

How do you build a state of the art cooling tower requiring no maintenance and lasting at least 30 years in just 10 months? This question suddenly became very relevant for the German energy supplier HKW Cottbus when the company's 10-year-old wooden cooling tower was facing demolition and the local authorities were demanding the building of a new cooling tower within 10 months to avoid plant closure.

Vlatko Knezevic, general manager of Stadtwerke Cottbus, explains the background to the choice of Fiberline as a supplier:
"Fiberline was the only company which supplied AbZ-certified fibreglass profiles. This was a decisive factor as the project was already pushed for time and it meant that we did not have to spend time and money on a one-off approval which was not certain to be granted anyway. Durability was also key. Our existing cooling tower was wooden and was found to be rotten after 10 years' service. We therefore decided that the new cooling tower should be built of a material that never rots or rusts. And that made fibreglass the obvious choice."

The result is an impressive new two-cell cooling tower containing more than nine kilometres of fibreglass profiles, including square pipes, U-profiles and Fiberline's composite planks. And both the local authorities and the plant manager are happy with the outcome.

"We experienced high quality, good service and prompt supply in our relationship with Fiberline", adds Vlatko Knezevic.

No more need for one-off approvals
Fiberline's AbZ approval covers a whole range of standard construction profiles made of fibreglass. And Fiberline's Technical Solution Manager Stephan Wischnewski, who has more than 10 years' experience from the cooling tower sector, has noted a steadily increasing interest in profiles certified by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik:
"Customers wanting to build with fibreglass often had to spend time, money and energy obtaining a one-off approval. Many of them therefore ended by choosing one of the conventional materials that do not have the same positives as fibreglass. With Fiberline's AbZ approval the customer can now obtain all the benefits without having to spend resources on approvals – they already have the approval when they buy the product from us."

If you are interested in finding out more about Fiberline's AbZ-approved profiles, please contact one of our knowledgeable Technical Solution Managers.