EU Climate Commissioner visits the low-energy house of the future

EU Climate Commissioner visits the low-energy house of the future

The EU Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard, recently visited “Coat House”, a Fiberline energy renovation initiative under the Green Growth programme. The Commissioner, together with guests who included the Mayor of Kolding Jørn Pedersen, was given a guided tour by Fiberline’s co-owner, Peter Thorning, who also lives in the house.
As part of her visit to Kolding on 25 August the Commissioner had expressed a wish to take a closer look at Coat House – Fiberline’s solution for future energy renovation in dwellings. Connie Hedegaard was an interested listener as Peter Thorning explained how to convert a house dating from 1949 into a modern new home and at the same time save 80% on the heating bill.


The application of external insulation to Coat House can be compared to fitting an overcoat. The project is designed to show building tradesman and home owners how they can freshen up the outside of a house and at the same time achieve far more effective insulation. Applying insulation to the exterior means there is no loss of interior living space. At the same time, building mess is avoided and there is no need to move out while the work is being carried out.
Delighted with EU focus
Peter Thorning, the co-owner of Fiberline Composites who also lives in the house, is delighted with Connie Hedegaard’s visit:
“The fact that Coat House has made the news as far away as Brussels is naturally a huge pat on the back – not only for Fiberline, but for all the project partners, including Kolding municipal authority. It shows we are on the right track and that the building industry should take a close look at the major benefits obtainable by using composite.”
Sustainable alternative
The project shows that composite is ideal for energy renovation as it is an efficient insulator in itself and can be employed in load-bearing structures. At Coat House, composite has also been used to create a new facade that is lightweight and weatherproof – as are Fiberline’s frames for the windows supplied by Danish window manufacturer Pro Tec.
Compared with conventional building materials, composite also has the great advantage of being environment-friendly in development and manufacture. Last but not least composite is light in weight and is therefore easily handled by building tradesmen on site.

Facts about Coat House
Fiberline, Isover and other industrial players are participants with Kolding and Middelfart municipalities in the Green Growth programme focusing on radical innovation in the building industry.
Coat House is a demo development project intended to inspire both building tradesmen and the public.

  • First project of its kind in Denmark
  • Combines fresh look with effective insulation
  • No building mess or need for temporary re-accommodation
  • Exterior insulation means no reduction in living space
  • 80% saving on heating bill
  • Project players: Fiberline and Isover with Nilan, Pro Tec, Cembrit et al
  • Design: Architect Sofie Thorning in partnership with Tegnestuen Mejeriet.

For further information about Coat House, please contact:
Torben Rønlev Hempel, Communications Manager, Fiberline Composites on tel. +45 2527 7606 or email: