Fiberline Among ”the Green Front-Runners”

Fiberline Among ”the Green Front-Runners”

As part of taking the EU debate to Danish workplaces, Minister for European Affairs Nicolai Wammen visited Fiberline Composites on Monday to discuss energy efficiency and green growth among other things.

The new energy efficiency directive is considered a great victory to the recent Danish EU Presidency. On Monday the Minister for European Affairs wanted to discuss this and other EU-related subjects with the management and employees at Fiberline Composites. Fiberline was one of three companies which the Minister chose to visit, and ahead of the visit, he stated:
"Sustainable building materials and energy efficiency are closely linked. I look forward to discussing possibilities and perspectives with Schneider Electric, Rockwool and Fiberline. The Energy Efficiency Directive was a great victory to the Danish Presidency. Now I look forward to hearing the Danes' input to the implementation of the directive. The three companies have shown that the vision of green growth can be converted into practical solutions and new jobs. I view them as front-runners for the green agenda, not least at the European level."


For Fiberline the visit was an excellent opportunity to ask questions about the directive and the role of Denmark in the EU. Fiberline's CEO, Peter Thorning, was pleased with the Minister's visit:
"We interpret the visit from Nicolai Wammen as yet another clear signal that sustainable building materials are the way forward. Fiberline's products are one of the answers to the challenges of the future in the area of energy efficiency. The new directive is a good step in the right direction, and during the visit, our employees received a wider insight into what concrete influence it has on Europe and on Fiberline."

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