Generational change at Fiberline Composites A/S

Generational change at Fiberline Composites A/S

After more than 30 years as head of Fiberline, company founder Henrik Thorning has now handed over the responsibility for day to day operations to his sonPeter Thorning.

The transfer to the next generation is carefully timed, as Fiberline has just performed a reorganization that will ensure maximum focus on growth within the company's three target sectors.

Specifically, Fiberline has established three independent business segments, each responsible for doing their very best for the company's customers. The three segments are: Wind Turbine Components, Window & Facade Profiles and Structural Profiles.

The foundation for growth has therefore been laid, and Peter Thorning is the new Chief Executive who will head the development that will take Fiberline forward.

Fiberline and Peter Thorning look forward to continuing the company's proud tradition as an effective supplier of materials to the energy-efficient society.

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