25 years of doorsteps and bottom rails made of FRP composite

25 years of doorsteps and bottom rails made of FRP composite

It is 25 years ago this year that Fiberline's doorstep made of FRP composite first saw the light of day. Since then, more and more of Europe's leading window and door manufacturers have seen the potential opened up by high-strength, super-insulating FRP composite.

Bottom rail systems are one of Fiberline's foremost specialities. Our expert team of technicians and sales personnel have many years' experience in meeting market needs, and our presence in Germany in the form of Technical Solution Manager Norbert Bieseke, combined with German-speaking staff at our Danish head office, ensure smooth and effective dialogue with German-speaking customers.

"FRP composite is a lightweight, high-strength material which supports the use of large sections of glass. And the bottom rail made of FRP composite from Fiberline consists of a single integrated profile rather than several complex profiles. In this way, two very important market needs are fulfilled at the same time."

Vice President, Stig Krogh Pedersen

Over the years we have supplied high-insulation doorsteps and bottom rails to some of Europe's leading manufacturers of sliding door systems. See details of our partnerships with Ernst Schweizer, Alu System and MACO.


Technical Coordinator Preben V. Nielsen surveying isotherms and U values for a bottom rail. Fiberline's R&D department will be pleased to enter into a close working partnership focused on you the customer.


If you have a specific enquiry for a Fiberline bottom rail which:

  • has outstanding U value
  • can support large sections of glass
  • consists of a single profile
  • has an attractive surface finish


... contact André Bekke today for a no-obligation chat about how we can meet your needs.