AkzoNobel and Fiberline develop new composite lacquer

AkzoNobel and Fiberline develop new composite lacquer

Compocoat is the name of an entirely new lacquer specially developed for fibreglass composite and having unique properties – not least strength and chemical resistance.

Working closely with Fiberline, world leading lacquer supplier AkzoNobel has produced a lacquer tailor-made for fibreglass composite. And AkzoNobel sees considerable potential in the new product:

Composite is a relatively new material in the building industry and one which is ideally suited to windows and doors, particularly in view of future insulation requirements,”, says AkzoNobel’s Product Manager Stefan Jeppsson.

The lacquer of the future for the building material of the future
Compocoat was designed to meet tough product specifications in terms of adhesion, chemical resistance, surface hardness and – not least - ease of application.

All these specifications have successfully been met, and Fiberline’s Product Manager Kristian Koldtoft is delighted:

We are confident that Compocoat can deliver everything our customers want in a surface treatment. The product has undergone a rigorous testing programme and its performance is well documented. This means that for example window manufacturers can now look forward to ordering composite window frames in exactly the colour they require.”

Facts about Compocoat:

  • Two-component, water-based polyurethane lacquer
  • Available in any colour
  • Developed in partnership between AkzoNobel and Fiberline Composites