Composite door opens way to lower U value

Composite door opens way to lower U value

Why settle for an U value of 1.3 when you can obtain 0.49?

This was the rationale behind the decision taken in spring 2008 by Hans Heinrich Berizzi, CEO of the German door manufacturer Noblesse, to begin developing a new door system made of composite. In 2009 Noblesse chose Fiberline as its development partner with a view to providing composite for the company's new energy-saving door, THERMOSECUR©. The resulting revolutionary product was a market leader in terms of insulation performance and was subsequently awarded the 2011 Innovation Prize.

Noblesse is notable for having a complete door programme, with the THERMOSECUR© at the absolute top of the range. In the collaboration with Fiberline special new non-metallic corner joints were fabricated to eliminate thermal bridging, and the design was optimized by reducing the number of individual components. Together these measures took the energy performance to a new level.

"Our partnership with Fiberline is among the best we have experienced with a subcontractor. Positive exchange of ideas took place with Fiberline's technicians throughout the development phase. The composite too is outstanding in a number of key areas – not least insulation - and the quality is first class."

S. Huck, Project Manager

Noblesse has succeeded in reducing the U value for its doors very considerably by using fibreglass composite. By way of example, its top of the range product – the THERMOSECUR© - boasts an impressive UD value of 0.49 W/m2K, which makes this door a powerful candidate for use in passive houses. Noblesse has also noted steadily increasing interest in its super-insulating door.

"We can see that market demand is for products with improved insulating capability. The THERMOSECUR© is therefore the solution for many customers who want a quality door that provides enhanced comfort and also saves on heating bills."

H. H. Berizzi, CEO

More information about Noblesse and THERMOSECUR© can be found HERE

What you can expect as a Fiberline customer:

  • A dedicated development partner
  • Custom-tailored profile design
  • An energy-efficient and sustainable product
  • More than 25 years' experience from the European window industry