ECLIPTICA shows the way at “World Championships for plus-energy houses”

ECLIPTICA shows the way at “World Championships for plus-energy houses”

The Danish contribution to the Solar Decathlon 2012 competition, also known as "the world championships for plus-energy houses", will be the FOLD house project designed by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). ECLIPTICA has supplied the window solutions, which include Fiberline's high-insulation profiles made of FRP composite.



The Solar Decathlon competition will be held in Madrid in September and is the culmination of several years' preparation by students from the 15 participating nations, all hoping to win the coveted title. But as well as providing an opportunity for technical universities to show what they can do, the event also features knowhow and products from a number of companies.

For example, the Danish manufacturer of low energy windows - ECLIPTICA - has provided the window solution for FOLD. A window characterised by supplying more energy than it releases. It is therefore an excellent option for the plus-energy window of the future - it ensures significant heat savings but also enables slim and attractive design, which is desired by many consumers.

According to ECLIPTICA's Sales Director Claus Egebjerg, the window's heating and design positives are due not least to the choice of profile supplier:  "With Fiberline's window profiles of fibreglass composite we have achieved outstanding U-value performance and a profile strength five times higher than ever before – a strength that makes it possible to design large glazed sections which ensure that daylight energy input will be correspondingly higher."

Weakness turned to strength
Window frames are generally the biggest sinners when it comes to the insulating capability of buildings. But with ECLIPTICA that's all changed. According to Claus Egebjerg this is due to the ultra-thin frame structure of only 45 mm, which results in an Eref value of +32 kWh. ECLIPTICA can therefore claim to be the designers of Denmark's best insulating window.



Søren Pedersen, Managing Director of, is in no doubt that ECLIPTICA's window is in a class by itself: "There are naturally many factors to consider when choosing a window, such as price, appearance and performance. Where energy efficiency is concerned, three new Danish designed windows rank among the very best in the world – and in this respect ECLIPTICA is several wheel lengths ahead of the other two".



Madrid showcase
In addition to the ECLIPTICA window with Fiberline profiles the FOLD house project includes contributions from several other Danish companies, including Rockwool, Nilan and Grundfoss.
According to Claus Egebjerg it's about showing the way forward with sustainable technologies and materials: "If Europe is to achieve its ambitious climate targets, the use of sustainable materials and technologies is an absolute must. The good news is that the solutions are already available - ECLIPTICA and FOLD clearly show that."

The Solar Decathlon houses will be on display from 14 - 30 September in Madrid's Casa de Campo park, after which the competition winners will be announced.

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