Fiberline welcomes new EU directive

Fiberline welcomes new EU directive

EU's newly passed Energy Efficiency Directive means that finally an energy renovation of the building stock of Europe will be planned. Fiberline backs the directive and welcomes the more ambitious goals.

It is a fact that buildings account for 40% of the total energy consumption in Europe. Poorly insulating windows and doors are some of the main culprits. That is why Fiberline is happy with the new EU directive, which will speed up the energy renovation of buildings all over Europe.

Vice President for Fiberline Window & Façade Profiles, Stig Krogh Pedersen:
"The main drivers for the transition to more sustainable and energy efficient materials are political will and resolve. It is therefore encouraging that the EU stresses through the new directive that the energy renovation of the building stock must be boosted. There are prospects of great CO2 savings, and the solutions – including passive house certified composite windows – are already available".

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