It’s what’s inside that counts

It’s what’s inside that counts

"Fiberline Funktionskern Integral" is a new insulator tailormade for Europe's wood/aluminium window systems.

Slim window frames can maximize the admission of daylight and deliver improved heating bills - without compromising on insulating efficiency. This is possible, if you choose Fiberline Funktionskern Integral for your existing window system. Fiberline's product is made of FRP composite, which is ideal for structural bonding purposes as it has virtually the same expansion coefficient as glass. In a structural bond, the insulator with its unique strength and light weight will support a very high load.

"Fiberline Funktionskern Integral"


For window systems as per DIN 68121
The new Fiberline insulator is fully compatible with window systems conforming to DIN 68121 as well as existing integral systems.

The advantages of Fiberline Funktionskern Integral are briefly as follows:
•    Lightweight, slim, strong
•    Maximizes admission of daylight
•    Outstanding insulating properties
•    Bonds directly onto the glass
•    No maintenance
•    No condensation, mould or rot
•    Builds into existing systems
•    Alternative designs possible

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