Spectacular façade projects in the pipeline

Spectacular façade projects in the pipeline

"We see a steadily increasing interest in our façade plank of translucent GRP", says Stig Krogh Pedersen, Vice President of Fiberline's window- and façade division..

The increased demand is especially a result of many remarkable references lately.  Respected architects such as BIG, Henning Larsen, JDS, KHR, Sprunt, and White have become aware of the very special expression of this material. For that reason Fiberline can soon add two sensational projects to the list of buildings wearing our façade panelling. One in France, and one in England.

In Lille, France, the Euralille Youth Centre is just now being covered with GRP. The project is designed by Julien De Smedt, and is expected to be finished this autumn.

Below you can see photos from the installation, and you can read more on the homepage of Julien De Smedt: http://jdsa.eu/lil/


Hopefully, the Community Centre of Stonegrove in England will also soon be decorated with our façade panelling. The Centre will also house a church for the whole territory.

See the drawings of the Stonegrove plans below and read more on the homepage of the architect: http://www.sprunt.net

Read more about the Fiberline façade panelling here: http://fiberline.com/facade-panelling

If you have any questions regarding our façade panelling, you're most welcome to contact our Key Account Manager, Mr Tage Frank Jensen by phone +45 7013 7713 or e-mail tfj@fiberline.com.