Fiberline opens in Canada

Fiberline opens in Canada

Starting 5. January 2015, Fiberline is officially represented in Canada in the form of its own sales company. Fiberline Composites Canada Inc. will be selling non-corrosive concrete reinforcement made of GRP composite under the brand name ComBAR, and this means that Fiberline will be going head to head in North America with conventional steel reinforcement.

There is a substantial market for a GRP-based non-corrosive alternative to normal steel reinforcement throughout North America, and especially in Canada, and this market is growing. The reason is the severe winter weather and the large amounts of road salt used. The salt causes steel reinforcement to rust, which in turn causes concrete bridges and safety barriers along Canada's many highways to crumble. By using rebar made of GRP composite, corrosion and the attendant safety hazards can be avoided.

Fiberline has therefore chosen to set up its own sales organisation in Canada. This is the culmination of talks with Fiberline's longstanding German customer Schöck Bauteile GmbH, which previously held global distribution rights. In line with Schöck's own wishes, the rights to market and sell ComBAR in North America now belong to Fiberline, while Schöck remains the product distributor in the rest of the world. The ComBAR product has always been manufactured at Fiberline's factory in Middelfart, Denmark, and this will continue to be the case.

Commenting on Fiberline's decision to set up in Canada, VP Jan Pasfall of Fiberline's Structural Profiles division says:
"Our product has what the North American market is looking for, and ComBAR is already a familiar name, particularly in Canada, through Schöck's longstanding sales and marketing. We believe we can win further market shares and make ComBAR the preferred brand in its category."

The new company is based in Kitchener, Ontario, and initially consists of three people – a product manager and two salesmen.