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Gratings - height 30 mm

Fiberline's moulded fibreglass gratings are corrosion-resistant and a durable alternative to steel or plastic gratings, for example. Our fibreglass gratings are ideal for use in harsh environments such as offshore installations, in the chemicals industry and in cooling towers.

Easy to work with
Our moulded gratings are as easy to work with as timber, without the need for any special tools or hot work. They can therefore easily be adapted to existing piping systems and other arrangements at the installation site. Their low weight also ensures that they are easy to work with – often without the need for any special machinery or cranes.

High load-bearing capacity
Our moulded gratings have an unrivalled weight-to-strength ratio, so they can be used in places where a high load-bearing capacity is needed. They also provide electrical insulation and can therefore be used along railway lines with minimal earthing.