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A complete stair concept

Fiberline has developed a concept for stairs comprising profiles from foot rail to hand rail

The production range for stairs comprises:

- Hand rails
- Foot rails
- Knee rails
- Columns
- Reinforcement for columns
- Steps/planks

In designing stairs it is necessary to ensure that:

• The individual steps have sufficient strength and rigidity to transfer the load of strings; see table 5.2. in the Fiberline Design Manual. In order for a stairs to be comfortable to use, it must fulfil rules for slope, as well as rules for the rise and tread.

• The stair string has sufficient strength and rigidity to transfer horizontal and perpendicular forces to the supports.

• The stair string has sufficient torsional strength and rigidity to transfer possible torsional moment to the supports.

Flexible solution

The simple systems and large selection of fittings offer an infinite number of construction options. The flexible systems are suitable for constructions adjusted to specific requirements - also where frequent dismantling is required.

Offshore and Waste water treatment plants

Fiberline profiles and gratings are lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant, making them an excellent alternative to steel. Gratings, stairs and railings can be installed quickly by the contractor’s own construction workers with no need for special tools or heavy lifting equipment. Gratings and profiles can both be produced in phenolics to enhance fire safety and ensure minimal smoke. The products are used for gratings, stairs, railings and load-carrying constructions on waste water treatment plants as the requirements to durability, safe work environment and non-slip surfaces are high. The products are corrosion and weather resistant and easy to install.

Assembly on site

Fiberline railing systems are easy to handle and are therefore suitable for machining on site. Sawing and drilling is simple and the low weight makes it easy to manoeuvre.