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Plug and play solution

Fiberline’s Cantilever Arms have been designed to ensure that permanent platforms can be installed easily on the tower section, so that service technicians can access and service the tower sections. With a low total weight and prefabricated design, you get a plug and play solution which minimises installation time on site.

Can be carried by one person

All of the components weigh less than 20 kg, which means that no special machinery or cranes are needed in order to install this solution. Despite the low weight of the profiles, they have the necessary high strength so as to ensure that the safety of service personnel is not compromised.

Great durability, even offshore

The entire system is made of a durable fibreglass material that does not corrode and is therefore highly resistant to the corrosive offshore conditions and aggressive fluids such as oil. This ensures that the entire system has a long life with no surprises when it comes to the platform’s condition when service technicians access it for servicing a couple of times a year. In addition, the solution does not need further coating following installation.

No welding = less assembly time on site

Our Cantilever Arms are prefabricated, so most of the solution can be assembled on land under controlled conditions, with the option of using a semi-automated process. In addition to this, the material is easy to incorporate and does not require welding or any other kind of hot work. This means that the whole solution can be assembled easily and quickly: first the CLA and then the actual deck itself.

No need for earthing

Because fibreglass does not conduct electricity. You will therefore have no need to worry about the difficulties associated with earthing when our platforms are installed on the tower sections.

Safe surfaces

To make the platform as safe as possible, our handrail profiles have a safe, ergonomic grip without sharp edges or joints. In addition to this, the deck itself also has a non-slip surface.