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Durable, reusable covers for turbine towers

Fiberline covers for turbine towers are made of fibreglass, which offers effective protection for the tower section during installation. The covers have been developed in close collaboration with turbine manufacturers, with the aim of making the solution easier to install.

Can be reused again and again

Thanks to the durable fibreglass material, the cover can be stored in a container and reused from project to project.

Kim Lindhardt says, “We have developed a universal solution that can be used for all turbine towers, regardless of manufacturer. The cover is completely watertight and can also withstand rough treatment, so it provides effective protection for the tower and its internal components”.

Protects internal coating

The cover is used to protect the internal coating of the nacelle until it is fitted and, because fibreglass has unparalleled resistance to the effects of weather and corrosive conditions such as salt water, the cover can be used over and over again.

Low weight saves money

Because of the material used to make them, our covers have a low total weight. This low weight makes it possible to fit the cover while the turbine tower is lying on its side.

No special tools, and foldable design

In addition, no special tools are needed to fit the cover, since it is secured using a quick-lock system that does not damage the tower during fitting. Once they have been used, the cover can be folded together and transported back to protect another tower section.

Customised design as required

The cover can also be made with a manhole to provide access to the tower during transportation, and with hooks for lifting equipment.