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Safe, easy access to wind turbines

Helihoist platforms provide easy access to offshore wind turbines, allowing service technicians to reach them even in heavy seas. Ensuring safe access is crucial in the event of mechanical failure or during maintenance, so that the turbines can work at their best.

Long life and safety at its highest

Demanding conditions for offshore wind turbine installations require the use of durable materials, because safety is always paramount for service technicians Our fibreglass structural profiles have a long lifespan, because the material used to make them is exceptionally resistant to the effects of weather and corrosive conditions such as salt water.

In addition, the platform is designed using ergonomic handrail profiles without sharp edges or joints, as well as non-slip surfaces, so it is also safe to move around on the platform.

Sustainable, with a long life cycle

Since our fibreglass profiles do not rust or corrode, they have a long life with minimal maintenance requirements. In addition, our profiles are manufactured using a continuous process called pultrusion, which uses resources in an energy-efficient way. Fibreglass can also be re-used when it is no longer needed, which means that Fiberline products are sustainable from start to finish.

Low total weight

Due to the unparalleled weight-to-strength ratio of our fibreglass profiles, the structure has the necessary strength whilst having a low total weight. This is advantageous in terms of the turbine’s performance.