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Corrosion-free and long life

With a strong, durable fibreglass deck, service technicians have safe access to the important technology contained within the nacelle. Our planks, which are used for the decks, are therefore resistant to the effects of weather and corrosive conditions such as aggressive fluids and oil. This gives the deck a long life with only minimal maintenance requirements.

Easy assembly

Because the profiles are low in weight, the deck can be assembled and fitted on land. Fibreglass is easy to work with, and it does not require any special tools or hot work. This means that Fiberline HD planks can easily be adapted for piping and other technology installed inside the nacelle.

Certified quality

This is your guarantee of consistently high quality, from the raw materials that we receive to the final product that reaches you.

No earthing

Our fibreglass planks provide electrical insulation. This enhances safety within the nacelle for both personnel and equipment. You will therefore not need any additional earthing when you choose our fibreglass profiles.

Minimal maintenance

Thanks to the extreme durability of the fibreglass material, there is no need for any additional coating, and maintenance is minimal throughout the long life of the planks.