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An access platform in the splash zone places great demands on the durability of the materials, as they are constantly affected by aggressive salt water. Fiberline gratings and railings are made of fibreglass, which is non-corrosive. This provides for a low-maintenance, durable solution that do not corrode.

A strong alternative to stainless steel

Our fibreglass gratings have non-slip surfaces, so safety is always paramount when service technicians visit the turbines – year after year. The gratings are an alternative to stainless steel, since the need for maintenance is minimal. The handrail and steps are also made of fibreglass, so the whole platform is of high quality and requires minimal maintenance.

A sustainable solution

Our profiles are produced using an efficient, encapsulated process called pultrusion. This enables us to create a sustainable production process and a good working environment for our employees. In addition to this, the majority of profiles consist of fibreglass, so the solutions can be nearly 100% recycled after they have been used, for example in cement production.

Easy assembly without any special tools

No special tools or welding are required to incorporate our fibreglass profiles and gratings, which means that the platform can easily be adapted on site, for example for recesses or pipes. The platform has also been designed to have a low total weight, so most of it can easily be assembled on land and then transported to the wind farm offshore. The low weight is an advantage for this too, because it makes offshore handling and assembly easier.

No earthing

Finally, our fibreglass profiles provide electrical insulation. You will therefore not have to worry about the difficulties associated with earthing the solution once it has been installed.

Long life despite harsh conditions

A access platform with GRP gratings an railings gives you an extremely durable solution with a long life. Our fibreglass products are highly resistant to corrosive conditions such as salt water, so they retain their material properties even after many years of use.