Supporting bracket

Supporting bracket

Fiberline FRP supporting bracket contributes with unique thermal properties to an energy efficient construction without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

The supporting bracket is especially developed for gapping the distance in thermally insulated wall constructions, including large insulation thicknesses up to 350 mm.

With high strength properties, the system can carry heavy triple glazed windows and doors.

Remarkable improvements in energy performance
The system includes three designs for different loading and placement. 

The bracket can be adjusted for windows, doors and sliding doors and used in combination with wood, aluminum and plastic.

  • Superior strength to weight ratio
  • Minimal deflection by heavy loading
  • Low creep properties
  • Non-corrosive
  • No condensation
  • Easy installation and 3D adjustability
  • Low Installation height - 60mm
  • Certified quality (ETA approval, EN 13706, abZ)
  • Flexibility in the cross section geometry

Load bearing capacity of GFRP Supporting Bracket