European Standard EN 13706

European Standard EN 13706

European Standard EN 13706 applies solely to pultruded profiles for “structural purposes”, which according to the standard are defined as “where the load-bearing characteristic is the major criterion of design and where the product is part of a load-bearing system”.

The standard specifies the minimum requirements for the quality, tolerances, strength, stiffness and surface of structural profiles.

The standard basically divides pultruded structural profiles into two classes:

E23 – having the most stringent requirements to quality
E17 – having more lenient requirements to quality

Fiberline structural profiles meet or exceed the requirements of class E23.

The standard broadly consists of three parts:

EN 13706-1: Specifying the designation/labelling/marking of structural profiles with regard to selection of materials, selection of reinforcement, surface treatment, etc.

EN 13706-2: Indicating testing methods and tolerances for pultruded structural profiles. Guidelines for quality and quality assurance are also given.

EN 13706-3: Indicating minimum values for the technical properties of structural profiles in relation to the standard’s two classes.

Characteristic properties Minimum requirements
Property Unit Test method  E23 E17
Modulus of elasticity GPa
Annex D,
EN 13706-2:2002
23 17
Tensile modulus - longitudinal
GPa EN ISO 527-4 23 17
Tensile modulus - transverse
GPa EN ISO 527-4 7 5
Tensile strength - longitudinal
MPa EN ISO 527-4 240 170
Tensile strength - transverse*
MPa EN ISO 527-4 50 30
Pin-bearing strength - longitudinal
Annex E,
EN 13706-2:2002
150 90
Pin-bearing strength - transverse
Annex E,
EN 13706-2:2002
Bending strength - longitudinal
 EN ISO 14125
Bending strength - transverse
 EN ISO 14125
Shear strength - longitudinal
 EN ISO 14130


*The grey profiles meet class E23 in all respects, apart from the cross strength that amounts to 35 MPa due to extra flame retardants.

Work is in progress to expand the standard to include guidelines for the chemical durability and fire-technical properties of structural profiles.