Case stories

Other structures

Due to the unique advantages and high quality our profiles are suitable for a number of different purposes, e.g.g swimming baths, restore of buildings, and metal-free buildings. 

Flexible and durable pool bottom for Danish waterpark

The material chosen for this purpose is non-corrosive fibreglass, which combines extreme durability in chlorinated water with very light weight.

Metal-free building for EMC measuring

Plastic-based composites have proved to be the ideal solution for a sheltered measuring station meeting the required regulations.

Historical stucco ceilings restored by means of high tech composite material

The stucco ceilings of the late seventeen-hundreds in the Castle Schloss Wörlitz were preserved by means of profiles of glass-fibre reinforced plastics

Non-corrosive, suspendable bridge for swimming stadiums

Aarhus Swimming Stadium in Denmark needed to be able to adjust the length of its pool to hold races in 25-metre lanes.